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Bridget Shoquist, Intuitive Life Coach

Just B. Life Coaching

Bridget meshes intuitive channeling with life coaching tools to lovingly connect you to the spirit world and help you gain clear confidence in the next steps beyond channeling sessions.

She consciously and consistently works to be a clear channel to channel at the highest level of light and love.

If you're interested in exploring nefarious, low-vibe energy - she's not your gal.

Bridget's also a Medium (can communicate with The Dead)

Being the "interpreter" between a client and their deceased loved one(s) is one of the utmost honors. The level of deep healing and closure she's had the privilege to witness is something she will forever cherish.

Tracey Mortensen, Owner, Founder, and Yoga Instructor of Inspiring Actions Yoga

Tracey Mortensen opened Inspiring Actions in 2008 with a passion for spreading health and wellness throughout the St. Croix Valley and with a background in finance and economics. Her own yoga practice began in 1999 and later became increasingly consistent during a stressful time in her life. Turning to yoga completely changed her life and ultimately led her to become an instructor, a path that has included study with master teachers Seane Corn and Baron Baptiste as well as extensive training in both pre-natal and Yin yoga. Tracey uses her knowledge and life experiences to help enrich her students' lives, creating a yoga community that now offers over 30 classes per week, including Yoga 101 for beginners.


The Sanskrit words sthira (effort, drive) and sukha (grace, surrender) may be new to you, but attend one of Tracey’s classes and you will understand how these words feel. Tracey has a special ability to push your body and mind while also making you feel accepted and supported. Although primarily drawn to teach gentle and beginning classes through a combination of hatha yoga vinyasa flow, you will find Tracey teaching nearly every class offered. With her fun, down-to-earth style, expect to find new depths in your poses…then erupt in belly laughs!


Tracey created Inspiring Actions for you to develop your practice, to learn, and to grow, all with a smile and without judgment.

You are welcome here.