Reclaim Your Purpose.

Release old patterns and move toward meaning.

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Reclaim Your Purpose.

Release old patterns and move toward meaning.

I believe everyone has a unique and special purpose at every season in life.

It's just a matter of finding the spark to light the fire.

You may need to rediscover your spark if you're...

  • Drifting through life with a lack of direction or purpose
  • Feeling like you have a great life and should be happier, but something's missing
  • Ready for a change in life, but not sure how to take the next steps
  • In the midst of a life transition and getting lost in the motions

You're a motivated person who wants to take action, but not having a clear path for the next steps makes it hard to know what action to take. That leads to the mental exhaustion cycle of overthinking what step to take, which ultimately leads to inaction.

Meshing intuitive channeling tools with life coaching tools, you'll get a clear plan with clear action so you know exactly where to step and when.
This means saying "Ta-Ta!"👋 to the mental exhaustion cycle!

Just Imagine...
In just a few short weeks you could:

  • Have a clear direction for your life
  • Discover your passions, fun, and hobbies you love
  • Wake up with a clear purpose each day
  • Go to bed feeling accomplished each night
  • Unveil the strong intuition that's already within you

If this resonates with you, I'd love to be your guide.

Sometimes we are so brain fogged, we don't even know how to communicate our exact desires. All we know is, whatever is happening right now isn't working.

By using intuitive channeling tools, what used to take an hour of me asking you deep questions to get to the root of your desires, takes about 10 minutes.

Channeling with spirit is like using a NASA telescope on a single blade of grass.

Major focus. Major clarity. Major perspective. (And amazing discoveries!)

We utilize the loving insight of your spirit guides and your higher self to cut through your "ego voice" in your head that tends to keep you in the "comfort" of auto-pilot mode.

But you're ready to get uncomfortable because you want new results in life like living your purpose, finding your passions, and feeling inspired!

Your spark isn't gone. It's only dimmed waiting to fire back up.

My passion is to help you feel guided and protected while finding your spark, then watch you light your flame.

Are you ready to Reclaim Your Purpose?

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The breakdown of the Reclaim Your Purpose Process:


Your intuition is your ultimate guide in life. But to actually hear it, you need to do some mental and physical decluttering to become clear.

We start here and continue this work throughout our 4 months together.

Here are the 3 areas we focus on clearing:

  • Environment: Physical + Virtual
  • Body: Activity + Fuel
  • Energy: Balancing Yin/Yang

You'll learn how to maintain your clarity as this is the foundation for living your purpose.


Feeling aimless?

Together we define your story that matches your desires.
Not able to put your desires into words? Channeling your guides will help us do that!

We create direction and purpose by establishing your vision of what you want at the end of the 4 months together and beyond.

We then curate your desires and start bringing them into reality.

Together we'll create a customized "holistic schedule" that supports and nurtures all facets of your life while removing overwhelm.

You'll wake up with a clear purpose for each day and go to bed feeling accomplished each night.


For months you'll live your "holistic schedule" with my support to truly experience what feels good, what doesn't, and how to successfully flow with what's out of your control.

Also included are short yet empowering routines and one small habit that creates a large impact.

We use concepts from the book, Atomic Habits by James Clear to set you up for success.

You'll become the expert on your daily energy levels so you easily release old patterns and mental exhaustion that allows you to fully commit to yourself.

Make room for purpose and meaning!

What Clients are saying...

Since working with Bridget, I’ve found the potential in myself I knew was there. I have found a voice that’s just mine. A voice that comes from my higher self and she is a badass. Thanks to Bridget and her ability to see my higher self, I have successfully navigated one of the toughest challenges of my life and I have come out stronger.
I’m not done working with Bridget, far from it. When you have a secret weapon like her you keep them in your life.

— Megan G.

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What's included in

this 4-Month program?

8, 1:1 Coaching + Channeling Sessions

We'll meet every other week over Zoom for a recorded, 60-minute session. During these 1:1 sessions, we discuss the Reclaim Your Purpose Process, coach through blocks or limitations, and channel with your spirit guides for extra insight and guidance.

The Intuitive Toolkit

You'll uncover and utilize your own intuitive tools such as feeling your intuition in your body and knowing the difference between your "higher self voice" vs your "ego voice."

If you have the desire to explore other intuitive tools like energy protection, crystal pendulum work, and/or oracle cards - we can absolutely explore these tools together! I'll provide guidance, energetic protection, and education plus discuss cultural/spiritual appropriation so we can have a respectful and enjoyable experience.

Email + Voxer Support

Because you'll be living each step of the process for 2 weeks, obstacles will come up and I want you to feel supported between coaching sessions. You can reach out to me over email or through the Voxer app with any questions and I will respond within the business day.

Access to Worksheets

You'll get worksheets as we create your customized routines, supportive habits, and other tools to help you stay committed to yourself. These worksheets are designed to be used to support your journey during and beyond our time together.

Reclaim Your Purpose helps you quickly discover your special and unique purpose for this season of your life.

One small habit that takes less than 2 minutes a day can spark your purpose.

Finding that small habit that works could take you months or more.

It will take us one session. That's less than 1 hour.

I'd love to help you spark your flame to bring back meaning and inspiration into your everyday life.

By next season you could be living your purpose clearly and confidently.

Let's light your spark.

4-Month Price:

*Payment plan options are available






I'm Bridget Shoquist, Intuitive Life Coach.

I mesh intuitive channeling with life coaching tools to lovingly connect you to the spirit world and help you gain clear confidence in the next steps beyond our session together.

Creating a safe and respectful spiritual community is very important to me.

Educating myself and others about cultural/spiritual appropriation vs appreciation is a pillar in my spiritual practice.

I'm not an expert and I'm a human that makes mistakes, but I'm willing to risk my discomfort to bring awareness to the problem of spiritual appropriation in the spiritual community.

I consciously and consistently work to be a clear channel to channel at the highest level of light and love.

If you're interested in exploring nefarious, low-vibe energy - I'm not your gal.

I'm also a Medium (I can communicate with The Dead)

Being the "interpreter" between a client and their deceased loved one(s) is one of the utmost honors. The level of deep healing and closure I've had the privilege to witness is something I will forever cherish.

And I'm a human with a family!

I’ve been married to my amazing husband for a decade. We have 2 little wild women that keep us on our toes and a fur-baby who thinks she runs the house (because she does). We enjoy spending time outside, snuggling, impromptu dance parties, and lots of laughing.