I can communicate with spirit guides on the “other side” and pass their messages on to those here, in the flesh. I channel at the highest vibration of light and love which provides me the gift that I treasure the most;
Providing clarity, comfort, and healing.

By channeling your spirit guides, I can help you gain clarity around your
personal life and/or business life.


$99 |
$79 Summer Special!


This type of session is great for those that are new to channeling and want to check it out without the face-to-face piece.

There is no actual appointment, so no figuring out schedules!
Simply put: You send me your request, I get your 10-15 minute video to you within 24-48 hours of the time slot you pick.

Simply put, this session is major convenient with a shit-ton of magic

You provide me your question/request and I communicate with your spirit guides that come forward for you. The purpose is to help you gain clarity on the situation or to hear loving messages from your loved ones that have passed.
During the video, you get to experience seeing me channel your guides and hear the messages as they come!

Here are a few ideas on what can be channeled (but really the options are endless):

  • You're feeling stuck in a fog, lost, can't get clear on life or the next steps in life.
  • Wanting guidance on how to find yourself again. Discover your joy, fun, and/or hobbies!
  • Connect with a loved one that has passed.
  • Have a small child that is experiencing "out of norm" behavior that may not be able to express their thoughts. (ex. not sleeping well, out of ordinary outbursts, increased fear...)
  • Anything that feels like it's weighing on your heart.

Here's how it works...
You provide me your question and/or request in the "appointment" details (the more detail the better). Within 24-48 hours of your time slot, I record myself channeling your request, then send the 10-15 minute video. You watch your video as often as you'd like and process the messages at your pace.

You can upgrade your experience with a 30-minute follow-up phone call for $99 to dive deeper into messages with live channeling!
(The scheduling link for the phone call will be provided after completing the recorded video payment)


$350 | 60-min $175 | 30-min

If wanting to channel on multiple questions in personal and/or business life, this is the session for you.

In this recorded zoom session you can get clarity on anything from "Why are birds pooping on me all the time!?" (yes that's happened!) to how to improve your health, intimacy, finances, career and so much more.

We can also connect with loved ones on the "other side" to hear what messages they have for you and/or relay messages you have for them.

If you have a specific question about your business or feel you're stuck, in a fog, or things just aren't flowing - your guides have got you! Your business spirit guides will give you detailed insight and clear direction on what you need to do to get yourself fired up and on track.

These sessions can be more of a "go with the flow" style with no set structure.
You will also get the recording sent to you to review as often as desired.



Mini Package

Channel your spirit guides on anything that's weighing on your heart; relationships, children, business, health, quarterly planning/goals, communicate with loved ones that have passed, etc..

With this package there's no "set" schedule, you can schedule when you feel ready for a channeling session.

What's included:

  • 3, 60-minute recorded Zoom sessions
  • 3, 30-minute recorded Zoom sessions

Quarterly Planning Business Package

Plan each quarter of your business with the help of your spirit guides! In this 12-month package, you’ll establish your goals and determine specific actions to take in support of these goals - all while maintaining the balance that feels good to you.

Plus, you’ll be able to consult your guides for clear ways to maintain focus and motivation without giving in to distractions.

If you’re looking for grounded guidance, higher knowledge and goal-smashing power, this package is for you!

What's included:

  • 4 Quarterly Planning Sessions (75-minute recorded Zoom sessions)
  • 4 Mid-Quarter Check-Ins (45-minute recorded Zoom sessions)
  • A quarterly collection of channeling tools and reminders to keep you on track:
    - Mantra
    - Word
    - Color
    - Spirit Animal
    - Maybe even a goddess, fairy and/or witch!
  • A Canva template for a quarterly "vision board" filled with your spirit guides' messages (including the channeling tools mentioned above) to have in plain sight in your office.
  • Unlimited email support for an entire year

Schedule your free call to get to know each other and chat more about the juicy package details!

*Payment plans available


Interested in planning a fun group channel session with your clients, friends, or family?

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