I can communicate with spirit guides on the “other side” and pass their messages on to those here, in the flesh. I channel at the highest vibration of light and love which provides me the gift that I treasure the most;
Providing clarity, comfort, and healing.

By channeling your spirit guides, I can help you gain profound clarity around your personal life and/or business life.


You've got options!
(don't worry, you can't go wrong)


Join me for some Winter Solstice Magic...

Get your Recorded Video Channel and/or join my Small Group Channeling Session
to utilize the beautiful winter energy!

*Spots are limited for the small group*



Recorded Channel Video

If you haven't channeled with me before or haven't experienced channeling ever,
this is the perfect start for you!

There is no actual appointment, so no figuring out schedules (YAY!)
You send me your request, I channel and send your 15-20 minute video within 2-3 business days.

Simply put, this session is major convenient with a shit-ton of magic.

Here are a few ideas on what can be channeled (but really the options are endless):

  • You're feeling stuck in a fog, lost. Seeking clarity and/or what the next step may be.
  • Wanting guidance on how to find yourself again. Discover your joy, fun, and/or hobbies!
  • Connect with a loved one that has passed.
  • Have a small child that is experiencing "out of norm" behavior that may not be able to express their thoughts. We can connect with their higher self for a better understanding.
    (ex. Not sleeping well, frequent outbursts, increased fear...)
  • Anything that feels like it's weighing on your heart.

How it works...

You provide me your question and/or request in the online form you'll fill out (the more detail the better).

Within 2-3 business days of submission, I record a 15-20 minute video of myself channeling your request then send it over to you.

You watch your video as often as you'd like and process the messages at your pace.

The purpose is to help you gain clarity on the situation or to hear loving messages from your loved ones that have passed. You provide me your question/request and I communicate with your spirit guides that come forward for you.

During the video, you get to experience seeing me channel your guides and hear the messages as they come!

After you receive the video, you can download, share with your life coach, and re-watch as often as you'd like!

One of my client's put it perfectly:

"Having a video gave me a chance to re-listen to the guidance until it soaked in."

If you're ready to hear from your guides, click below to fill out the form!



Trust Your Intuition Package

You have a strong AF intuition.
But do you know how to hear it?

Your guidance is already there within you, it's time you know how to hear it, feel it and...actually trust it.

Imagine no longer feeling like you always have to seek for guidance outside of yourself.

Your higher self is (im)patiently waiting to share with you ALL about how to tap into your own intuition. Learn how to communicate with your higher self to build self-trust so you can confidently navigate your own adventures in life!

We'll explore where specifically you feel your intuition in your body, how it feels in your body, and what you can do to strengthen your intuition. Each session will unveil more information for you to soak in and use as you see fit.

With this package there's no "set" schedule, you can schedule when you feel ready for a channeling session. You'll also get the recording sent to you to review as often as desired.

What's included:

  • 1, 60-minute recorded Zoom session
  • 1, 30-minute recorded Zoom session
  • 1 Recorded Channeling Video
  • Email support between sessions

The Serpent Package

Going through a transformation?
Dare I say, "shedding your skin" like a snake?

Before you get totally grossed out, please read below...

Full disclosure - snakes scare the shit out of me. BUT I have the utmost respect for them and seek guidance from my spirit guide, The Serpent for so many things in my life. One snake lesson (from many) I lean on a lot is how they shed their skin to survive. Sometimes, we need to "shed our skin," AKA transform, our lives to LIVE...not just survive.

Channel your spirit guides for guidance, clarity, and insight. No more feeling like you're just surviving, receive actionable messages to help you feel clear to LIVE life to the fullest!

With this package there's no "set" schedule, you can schedule when you feel ready for a channeling session.

What's included:

  • 3, 60-minute recorded Zoom sessions
  • 3, 30-minute recorded Zoom sessions
  • 3 Recorded Channeling Videos
  • Email support between sessions

*Must use these sessions within a year

Schedule your free call to get to know each other and chat more about the juicy package details!

*Payment plan available



Interested in planning a fun group channel session with your clients, friends, or family?

There is something so ancient and familiar in connecting with Spirit Guides as a group.

"It was so magical to experience channeling for myself but also to hear messages that came through for each person."

"I've never experienced this kind of magic with people I don't even know."

Schedule your free call to hear more!


Moon Club is a book club vibe PLUS channeling the moon herself! Connect with the moon for an entire moon cycle while we read Ezzie Spencer's Lunar Abundance. 

Doors have closed for the September Moon Cycle, but get on the Spring Moon Cycle below!

More Info Here!

Not sure if channeling is for you?
Hear from my clients...

 "I was a total skeptic initially, but once I had my first channeling session I was left with chills and tears streaming down my face thinking to myself, 'holy cow how did she know all that?'
My life took a 180 after channeling with Bridget. She is magic and the price you pay for what you get out of it is a steal!"

"The clarity and care with which she channels always helps me cut through the fog in my head straight to the next step I need to take to level up."

“As an intuitive guide myself, I hold a high standard in those I seek Energy guidance from. Bridget is the real deal. Bridget has SUCH a gift in giving voice to the Energies, Light-beings and Guides around you. The messages left me in awe! Each morsel of guidance is remarkably practical, easily implementable and totally personalized."