Shake things up a bit with this unique and unforgettable experience!

Plan a fun group channeling session with your friends and family that can be done virtually or in-person.

Here are a few ways to enjoy this fun experience:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Bridal/Bachelorette Parties
  • Baby Showers
  • During a fun group weekend getaway
  • Family Reunions
  • Celebrating seasonal changes at the Solstices + Equinox
  • Holiday parties - Halloween isn't the only time to talk to spirits on the "other side!" New Year's and Valentine's Day are also full of loving insight.
  • Retreats

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Details can be customized for your party, but here's the gist of a typical group channeling session:

  • After we've picked a date, time, and place (if virtual, we'll meet over Zoom), I create a simple virtual invite that you can share with invitees. This includes the party details, my information, and a payment link if paying individually.
  • At the time of the party, we gather around a fire outside or in a cozy living space to promote connectedness (again if virtual, we gather on Zoom).
  • Each person has a 5-7 minute channeling session with me within the group.
  • During their session, people can ask a question weighing on their heart or as I say, "roll the spirit guide dice" to see what messages are waiting for them.

This is where the connection happens!

By hearing each other's individual loving messages from the "other side" you have a newfound connection to one another, insightful ways to support each other based on the message, and helpful takeaways for yourself from each powerful message!

These parties are full of laughter, awe, a few tears of happiness, and a lot of magic.

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PS - There are opportunities for 1:1 sessions separate from the group, we can talk details on the free discovery call


Some things past group channelers had to say after their experience:

"I wasn't sure I wanted to participate, but after hearing everyone else's messages I decided to give it a go. Instead of asking the question I wanted to ask, I told Bridget to share any messages waiting for me. I was shocked that the message Bridget channeled from my guides actually ANSWERED THE QUESTION I WANTED TO ASK! There was no way for her to know. So amazing."

"Everything my deceased loved one shared with me was exactly what I needed to hear."

"It was so magical to experience channeling for myself but also to hear messages that came through for each person."

"I've never experienced this kind of magic with people I don't even know!"

Not sure if channeling is for you?

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Or read what past clients have said...

 "I was a total skeptic initially, but once I had my first channeling session I was left with chills and tears streaming down my face thinking to myself, 'holy cow how did she know all that?'
My life took a 180 after channeling with Bridget. She is magic and the price you pay for what you get out of it is a steal!"

"The clarity and care with which she channels always helps me cut through the fog in my head straight to the next step I need to take to level up."

“As an intuitive guide myself, I hold a high standard in those I seek Energy guidance from. Bridget is the real deal. Bridget has SUCH a gift in giving voice to the Energies, Light-beings and Guides around you. The messages left me in awe! Each morsel of guidance is remarkably practical, easily implementable and totally personalized."



I'm Bridget Shoquist, Intuitive Life Coach.

I mesh intuitive channeling with life coaching tools to lovingly connect you to the spirit world and help you gain clear confidence in the next steps beyond our session together.

I consciously and consistently work to be a clear channel to channel at the highest level of light and love.

If you're interested in exploring nefarious, low-vibe energy - I'm not your gal.

I'm also a Medium (I can communicate with The Dead)

Being the "interpreter" between a client and their deceased loved one(s) is one of the utmost honors. The level of deep healing and closure I've had the privilege to witness is something I will forever cherish.

And I'm a human with a family!

I’ve been married to my amazing husband for a decade. We have 2 little wild women that keep us on our toes and a fur-baby who thinks she runs the house (because she does).

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