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I'm Bridget Shoquist, Intuitive Life Coach.

I mesh intuitive channeling with life coaching tools to lovingly connect you to the spirit world and help you gain clear confidence in the next steps beyond our time together.

If you're interested in exploring nefarious, low-vibe energy - I'm not your gal.

I consciously and consistently work to be a clear channel to channel at the highest level of light and love.

I'm also a Medium (I can communicate with The Dead)

Being the "interpreter" between a client and their deceased loved one(s) is one of the utmost honors. The level of deep healing and closure I've had the privilege to witness is something I will forever cherish.

Creating a safe and respectful spiritual community is very important to me.

Educating myself and others about cultural/spiritual appropriation vs appreciation is a pillar in my spiritual practice.

I'm not an expert and I make mistakes, but I'm willing to risk my discomfort to bring awareness to the problem of spiritual appropriation in the spiritual community.

And I'm a human with a family!

I’ve been married to my amazing husband for a decade. We have 2 little wild women that keep us on our toes and a fur-baby who thinks she runs the house (because she does).