Single Sessions

20-Minute Phone Session

Perfect for a first-time channeling experience

or for returning clients wanting a quick and effective check-in.


Let's hang out for a while.

- Channeling Packages -

Whether you have a vision or seeking a vision, we can make it a reality.

With the extra insight from the other side, we'll get crystal clear details for your vision (and use crystals 😏), specific action steps, and exactly how to best utilize your vision board tool daily.

These sessions are completely customized for you.

My recommendation for session use:

90-minute session at the beginning of each quarter for the vision board creation.
(This is where we channel your guides to create your vision board blueprint)

45-minute session for monthly check-in/accountability plus further channeling.
(This is where we check in and channel your guides for further insight on the progress and/or how to navigate through obstacles that come up because life happens)

Unlimited email and voxer support is included so I can support you throughout your vision journey!

3 Month*


  • 1, 90-min Session
  • 2, 45-min Session
  • Email + Voxer support between sessions

6 Month*


  • 2, 90-min Sessions
  • 4, 45-min Sessions
  • Email + Voxer support between sessions

12 Month*


  • 4, 90-min Sessions
  • 8, 45-min Sessions
  • Email + Voxer support between sessions

*Payment plans are available


Building your intuition isn't a one-time check-in, it's a journey.

I'd love to be the one holding your hand, guiding you through it.


We start with where you are in your intuitive journey and develop from there!

Can't yet decipher the difference between your ego and intuition voice?

No worries.

We'll channel your guides for tools to know the difference so you can make confident decisions from a place of loving intuition.

Interested in learning how to use a crystal pendulum to communicate with your guides?


I'll teach you how to determine your own indicators, how to call guides forward, and tools to protect your energy to avoid the "empath overload" (AKA headaches, exhaustion, emotional overload).

These sessions are scheduled every month and are completely customized to you and what you need at that time.

Building your intuition takes time, energy, and focus.

Questions are going to come up as you practice outside of our sessions together and I want to support you throughout your whole journey which is why I also offer unlimited email + voxer support between sessions.

3 Month*


  • 3, 60-min Sessions
  • Unlimited Email + Voxer support between sessions

6 Month*


  • 6, 60-min Sessions
  • Unlimited Email + Voxer support between sessions

12 Month*


  • 12, 60-min Sessions
  • Unlimited Email + Voxer support between sessions

*Payment plans are available


Not sure if channeling is for you?

Schedule your no-strings-attached call here to learn more about intuitive channeling!

Or read what past clients have said...

 "I was a total skeptic initially, but once I had my first channeling session I was left with chills and tears streaming down my face thinking to myself, 'holy cow how did she know all that?'
My life took a 180 after channeling with Bridget. She is magic and the price you pay for what you get out of it is a steal!"

"The clarity and care with which she channels always helps me cut through the fog in my head straight to the next step I need to take to level up."

“As an intuitive guide myself, I hold a high standard in those I seek Energy guidance from. Bridget is the real deal. Bridget has SUCH a gift in giving voice to the Energies, Light-beings and Guides around you. The messages left me in awe! Each morsel of guidance is remarkably practical, easily implementable and totally personalized."



I'm Bridget Shoquist, Intuitive Life Coach.

I mesh intuitive channeling with life coaching tools to lovingly connect you to the spirit world and help you gain clear confidence in the next steps beyond our session together.

I consciously and consistently work to be a clear channel to channel at the highest level of light and love.

If you're interested in exploring nefarious, low-vibe energy - I'm not your gal.

I'm also a Medium (I can communicate with The Dead)

Being the "interpreter" between a client and their deceased loved one(s) is one of the utmost honors. The level of deep healing and closure I've had the privilege to witness is something I will forever cherish.

And I'm a human with a family!

I’ve been married to my amazing husband for a decade. We have 2 little wild women that keep us on our toes and a fur-baby who thinks she runs the house (because she does).